In the Workplace

Keep your workplace healthy by eliminating workplace bullying and other forms of workplace violence

The majority of our lives are spent in the workplace. A safe workplace nurtures respect, creativity, allegiance, commitment and productivity. An unsafe workplace place builds distrust, fear, conflict and limited productivity.

In Canada, a survey of people’s reported experiences of violence showed:1

  • 17% occurred in the workplace and included sexual assault, robbery and/or physical assault
  • 38% of violent incidents were allegedly perpetrated by a current or former co-worker, or other work-related contacts including patients, clients or customers.
  • People who were targeted by workplace bullying reported several emotional impacts, including feeling angry (21%); upset, confused or frustrated (20%); and afraid (15%).

Workplace violence does not only happen on-site; it can also occur at:

  • Off-site business-related functions such as trade shows, conferences, or large meetings
  • Work-related social events such as holiday gatherings or team-building activities
  • Home—such as clients’ homes or even your own home (e.g., receiving a threatening phone call from a former co-worker).

To keep our workplaces free of violence, both employers and personnel have key roles to play.

Further info:

Download Preventing workplace violence—Information for PERSONNEL

Download Preventing workplace violence—Information for EMPLOYERS

Download information on Ten Steps to Creating Safe Environments, a 3-hour online educational program that offers organizations concrete action steps to reduce the risk of violence and increase protection.

Download information on Respect in the Workplace, a 90-minute online educational program empowering all employees to understand, recognize and deal with harmful workplace behaviours.

Violence Prevention in the Work Place (from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada/Labour)

Violence in the Workplace (from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety)

1Statistics Canada, 2009, General social survey on victimization, 2009,