VO2 Difference

High Quality Training

VO2 is the best when it comes to First Aid & CPR training service. Our facilitators are certified with the highest qualifications, and range from Nursing Personnel and Health Education Specialists to Kinesiologists and Certified Exercise Physiologists.

Red Cross Certification

As an authorized provider of Canadian Red Cross, VO2 Health Focus provides Red Cross Certification that is recognized virtually around the world.

Official Certification

Participants certified through VO2 receive official certification cards through Canadian Red Cross.

Individual Attention

Our low staff-to-participant ratio increases learning opportunities

Extremely Flexible Schedules

VO2 is willing and able to adapt to meet your staff's scheduling needs.

Optional Venues

For your convenience, we are open to conduct business 7 days a week. Our unique mobile unit will bring all necessary equipment to your site or arrange for an alternative course venue.

Plenty of Practice Time

Mannequins are available to all participants during courses, increasing practice time while maintaining a high standard of hands-on participation.

WSIB - Regulation 1101

As an authorized provider of Canadian Red Cross First Aid & CPR programs, VO2 Health Focus is obligated to conduct First Aid and CPR courses based on its policies and guidelines and, by doing so, is recognized by the WSIB (Worker's Safety Insurance Board)