First Aid Instructor

First Aid and CPR Intructor Training Manual

Provides candidates with the knowledge and skills to teach core Red Cross First Aid & CPR courses: Emergency and Standard First Aid, CPR/AED, Marine Basic First Aid, Emergency and Standard Child Care First Aid. Includes how to teach and facilitate, individual and group assignments, practice teaching, injury prevention principles, inclusion, and progressive learning. Register now.

Duration: 32 hours

VO2 First Aid Instructor Trainer (including Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor Trainer and Emergency Care Instructor Trainer)

First Aid with CPR Level HCP; complete skills checklist prior to course with a First Aid Instructor; min. 18 years old.

The following individuals can opt for a transfer course instead: a) current First Aid or CPR Instructors with another recognized organization; b) current Red Cross Swimming & Water Safety Instructors with Standard First Aid and CPR Level HCP; c) former Red Cross First Aid Instructors(certification expired between 2 and 7 years); d) teachers with an Education degree and current Standard First Aid and CPR Level HCP. The transfer is a 16-hour course or self-study and 7-8.5-hour course.

Completion Requirements
100% attendance, skills demonstration, complete practice teaching, and 80% min. passing grade on written exam

Post-Course Requirements
Meets the requirement of the co-teach form as outlined by the Instructor Trainer

3-year certification as Red Cross First Aid Instructor

8 hours; adheres to local legislation

Course Content
PART 1 – Information for the First Aid Instructor

  • How people learn
  • Instructional techniques
  • Organizing courses
Course Content

PART 2 – Specific Course Content

  • First Aid, CPR, AED, Child Care, Marine Basic, and knowledge evaluation

Required Materials
First Aid & CPR Instructor Manual
First Aid media presentation
First Aid & CPR Manual, and CPR/AED Manual

First Aid Booklet
PeopleSavers Facilitator Package
Babysitting Facilitator Package
Child Care First Aid & CPR Manual
Certification card and optional wall certificate