About Us

Meet Gil and Paul…

Established in 1991, VO2 – one of Ontario’s premier health services providers – is co-founded by senior consultants Gil Raposo and Paul Martin Demers.

“As proprietors of VO2, we have each been involved in the health profession for more than 20 years,” says Gil. “Our greatest attributes are excellent customer relations and service.”

“We love what we do and you’ll see that difference in our classes,” says Paul. “Certifying individuals in First Aid and CPR training is one important part of the job – ensuring our clients have a good time while learning is the other.” Paul’s zest for life and sharp sense of humour translate into memorable training sessions. “First aid and CPR training is not just about delivering information,” he says. “It’s about providing individuals with essential lifesaving skills – and keeping them laughing while doing so.” Gil has theoretical and practical health services experience. He understands the business of providing health services and possesses the skills for working in the field. “When someone provides quality customer service to me, I value it,” says Gil. “Our clients expect the same and we deliver.”

Several years ago, Paul decided on a new beginning. He vowed to improve the lifestyle of Canadians. “I wanted my new direction to be life saving,” says Paul. Paul’s new goal emerged after he spent years in the fitness field as a Certified Exercise Physiologist along with 16 years teaching First Aid and CPR training sessions. His strong knowledge of anatomy and physiology is fortified by his understanding of diverse teaching methods. “Fun and CPR go hand in hand” says Paul. His sense of humor puts people at ease and facilitates the learning process.

VO2 First Aid/CPR programs and courses are recognized by the WSIB (Worker’s Safety Insurance Board).

To find out how VO2 can best serve your organization call Gil or Paul today!

Gil: 416.578.4362
Paul: 416.578.4367