In addition to the wide variety of First Aid/CPR and WHMIS certificate courses, VO2 also offers several non certificate workshops. These workshops can offer the flexibility needed by decision-makers and are user friendly to meet the needs of course participants.

These information sharing workshops are designed specifically to meet the needs of individuals in various settings including: private/public industries and schools.

The workshops are taught by certified VO2 First Aid Instructors who can tailor the workshop based on class composition and provide guidance during the workshop to help increase each participant’s skill retention.

Courses are based on a combination of teaching techniques that include:

  • Media presentations
  • Skills demonstration and practice
  • Scenarios
  • Exercises
  • Class discussions and Q&A

Practical hands-on components are supported by a variety of training materials, based on workshop requirements, such as mannequins for CPR, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) trainers, bandages, splinting materials, barrier devices, auto-injector trainers and inhalers.

Intro to First Aid/CPR

These workshops are adaptable to meet the needs of both individuals and workplace.

Preventing of Disease Transmission

Workshop offers an overview of how diseases are transmitted and steps that can be taken to reduce risk.

Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention

Bullying can happen anywhere.

In the Workplace

Keep your workplace healthy by eliminating workplace bullying and other forms of workplace violence