Terms and Conditions

Health and Safety

With respect to physical skill it is the participant or the employer’s responsibility to ensure that candidates are free from any condition which would affect their capability and aptitude to cope with the necessary skills to complete all course requirements. VO2 Health Focus does welcome candidates with disabilities to attend training, but it remains the participant or their employer’s responsibility to ensure that they are appropriately supported to complete all necessary skills.
In the event that the First Aid/CPR course is to be held at the employer’s own premises please ensure that there is sufficient space and equipment for the training session to be conducted, bearing in mind practical demonstration and participation is required. If there’s any uncertainty of what is required please contact us for advice before the training session.


All training and advice given by ‘VO2 Health Focus’ is done by following guidelines provided by the appropriate councils. Information disseminated by ‘VO2 Health Focus’ is to the best of our knowledge, up to date and evidence based, ‘VO2 Health Focus’ cannot accept any responsibility for misinterpretation of the advice given. ‘VO2 Health Focus’ always advises if participants are at all concerned about their physical/mental health they should seek medical advice. The information provided, either on this website, in documentation or during any of our courses is provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice given by a doctor or any other health professional. ‘VO2 Health Focus’ is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made or actions taken by a user based on this information.

Course Materials and Copyright: The cost of the session includes all materials supplied during the session. ‘VO2 Health Focus’ is the copyright owner of all course materials with the exception of materials clearly published by third parties (Canadian Red Cross). ‘VO2 Health Focus’ copyright materials may only be used by the person attending the course for their personal use.

Please note that by receiving certificate(s) and/or wallet card(s) from VO2 Health Focus (www.vo2.ca) you agree to Certification Terms and Conditions of the Canadian Red Cross and as specified below.