Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention

This is a 1-2 hours Workshop

Workshop offers an overview of how diseases are transmitted and steps that can be taken to reduce risk. This workshop is ideal for those who want to reduce illness in a work/school setting or as a “lunch and learn” exercise.

Bullying can happen anywhere. Is your school prepared?

  • Does your school promote respectful behaviour?
  • Do you know how to respond to incidents of bullying and harassment?
  • Do you know what the different types of bullying are?
  • Do you know the difference between bullying and harassment?
  • Do you know how often bullying happens in schools across Canada?
  • Are you teaching students about cyber safety?
  • Do you have clear policies and guidelines outlined to help adults intervene effectively with incidents of disrespectful behaviour including bullying and harassment?
  • Are you talking about issues of bullying and harassment in classes and assemblies? Are you providing easily accessible, age-appropriate information?
  • Are you addressing the issue of children and youth as bystanders?

Beyond the Hurt helps your school or organization stop and prevent bullying

Together with The Canadian Red Cross’ Beyond the Hurt program VO2 supports schools or organizations-wide approach to preventing bullying and building empathy and respect. Beyond the Hurt is based on the belief that all youth—those targeted, those who bully, and bystanders—have a critical role in preventing bullying.

Most people involved in the bullying dynamic are bystanders, silently watching from the sidelines. Beyond the Hurt gives youth and adults the tools to take a stand to stop bullying before it starts. It engages student leaders in facilitating bullying prevention workshops and modeling positive and respectful relationships to grade 6–12 students.

Bullying prevention workshop for youth

Using Canadian Red Cross Training Resources VO2 can deliver a three-hour Beyond the Hurt workshop to youth. Through this workshop, youth will understand:

  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • How youth can use their personal power to resolve and prevent these problems
  • How to find and use resources to respond to bullying and harassment, including cyber bullying.

Bullying prevention Youth Facilitator training

Beyond the Hurt Youth Facilitator Training equips youth to deliver the Beyond the Hurt bullying prevention workshop to their younger counterparts and peers.

Schools that become Red Cross Training Partners can choose whether to become equipped to conduct their own Youth Facilitator Trainings, or whether to have Red Cross conduct Youth Facilitator Training for them.

Download the PDF of the activity “Healthy Relationships and Schools,” that helps you and your students examine how positive relationships can lead to a bullying-free, healthy school environment.

Four-hour bullying prevention online course for adults

To learn more about bullying and how you can help provide a safe environment for children and youth, you can take the affordable, 4-hour online Beyond the Hurt course

Bullying prevention facilitator training for adults

Using Canadian Red Cross Training Resources VO2 can also opt to have school personnel certified through Beyond the Hurt Prevention Educator Training for adults. These adult Prevention Educators can directly deliver the Beyond the Hurt bullying prevention workshop to youth aged 11 and up.

  • Download pdf file summarizing how Beyond the Hurt can be adapted to your school setting.

Beyond the Hurt and provincial/territorial curriculum outcomes

Not only does our program raise awareness around some of the more prominent issues around bullying, but it also corresponds directly with a number of the prescribed learning outcomes from the Ministries of Education.

Beyond The Hurt Program also offers other training options which allow facilitators to reach a broader audience at a low cost. Below are the three training options available.