COVID-19 Protocol

The safety and wellbeing of all participants and staff remains paramount to VO2 Health Focus. As we resume in class First Aid/CPR training sessions we will continue to work alongside Toronto Public Health, WSIB Ontario and Canadian Red Cross to ensure full implementation of all identified protocols.

Prior To Entering Classroom Protocol

1. All participants and instructors will need to sign a self-declaration stating they have no known exposure to COVID-19 or have experienced any symptoms in the previous 14 days.
2. All participants and instructors will be required to complete Screening Questionnaire.
3. Participants/Instructors will not be allowed entry if both forms are not completed.
4. All participants will be required to complete temperature check administered by VO2 Instructor with contactless thermometer.
5. Participants must come to class with their own pens and must not share any personal supplies.
6. Participants will be required to use hand sanitizer prior to entering room and regularly throughout session.

In Class Protocol

1. Each in class session would have a max of 10 students per instructor and physical distancing guidelines will be followed (6ft apart).
2. Signage will be displayed for participants related to Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19, prevention of spread of COVID-19, importance of physical distancing and proper hand washing. Participants will be requested to review the signage and will be encouraged to ask questions as required.
3. Each participant will receive disposable face mask, gloves, and CPR face mask/one-way valve. Participants will be required to wear face mask throughout the session.
4. Proper use of and removal of PPE will be reviewed with participants by instructors prior to the training session beginning.
5. Wipes and hand sanitizer will be available, and participants will be encouraged to use often throughout the session.
6. Participants will not be sharing any individual teaching aids (manikin, EpiPen’s, bandages & props).
7. Instructors will ensure minimal use of paper and will rely solely on audio and visual teaching aids.
8. Participants will only work in pairs and instructors will continue to promote the need to maintain physical distancing.
9. When possible, a designated entrance and an exit will be assigned.
10. Participants will be required to use hand sanitizer prior to leaving session at breaks and prior to reentering room after breaks.
11. Participants will be discouraged from bringing any outside food or drink (water bottles permitted) into the sessions unless necessary for health reasons.

End Of Training Session

Participants will be directed to leave session immediately upon completion of course.